king prawn with white wine
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A Cantonese Feast at New World Hotel’s Jasmine Restaurant

A special dinner was hosted by New World Hotel ‘s fine Cantonese restaurant, Jasmine, last March 21 and yours truly was able to enjoy authentic dishes prepared by Chef Wong Kam On.  Each dish was paired with an exquisite selection of Cullen Wines of Australia which even made the experience more interesting and exciting.  

The special Cantonese cuisine and Cullen wine set dinner is priced at Php1,700 per person.  If you’re planning a night with a special someone, this treat at Jasmine’s will be an unforgettable feast for your palate.  Journey with me through their six-course meal to find out why.


First up for the meal is the appetizer: Seared Scallops, Wagyu Beef roll paired with Cullen Margaret River White, 2011.  The seared scallops match the texture of the crisp roll with the flavorful beef in each bite.  A sip of  Margaret River white wine to match the appetizer tasted heavenly and light enough in a way that makes you want for more.

Wagyu beef roll
Playing with textures: Seared Scallops and Wagyu Beef Roll
Cullen White Wine
I liked the smooth and light Margaret River White Wine.  My favorite for the entire meal.  And this was just the appetizer.

When it comes to plating , the  Steamed King Prawns with Garlic and Vermicelli noodle caught my attention.  It was like an island in a plate!  I liked the subtle taste of garlic and mint in the prawn and it blends well with the savory noodles.  The dish was nicely paired with a white wine to match the seafood: Cullen Sauvignon Blanc Semillion, 2010.

king prawn with white wine
The King Prawn at its finest

Brace yourself because we still have four delightful dishes to taste.  Served next after  the king prawn was Deep Fried Fish Fillet coated with Salted Egg Yolk Batter on top of Steamed Egg White along with the Fried Rice with Diced Chicken and Chinese Sausage.

I loved the fish fillet and the variety it provided my palate by  its unique salted egg yolk batter.  The steamed egg white appearing as the sauce to me was a surprise, too. This is a special hearty dish I’d like to cook at home to impress someone special.

Of course, the dish will not be complete with the buttery smelling Cullen Mangan, Malbec Petit Verdot Merlot, 2010 served with it.  It’s time to enjoy the red wines they’re bringing in this time. XD

fish fillet, and chorizo with fried rice
Craving as I look at this photo: fish fillet, and chorizo with fried rice

Now for meat lovers, the generous serving of Beef Short Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce and Steamed Fragrant Rice would surely fill your appetite.  I am grateful to see vegetable served in my dish, too.  This was cooked very well and goes perfectly with the beef.   It was paired with the Cullen Diana Madeline Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, 2010.

Just the right spice: beef short ribs in black pepper sauce
Just the right spice: beef short ribs in black pepper sauce

Now if you’ve been familiar with the blog and know the author personally, you’d know that my most awaited part of any meal is the dessert.  Completing our dinner was the surprisingly sweet and refreshing Calamansi Sorbet on top of Chilled Mango Pudding.  It was an unforgettable finale for me as it perfectly matched the Cullen Late Harvest, Semillon, 2012.  I almost forgot that there is still a steamed bun with milk cream that I enjoyed after I was captivated by the blend of tastes in this pudding-ice cream-wine combination.

steamed bun in milk cream
Steamed bun with milk cream gave me such a sweet comfort.
mango pudding with calamansi sorbet
Calamansi Sorbet on Mango Pudding and Cullen Late Harvest Wine: Perfect Combination to cap off the evening

If you want to taste for yourself these dishes I enjoyed, make your reservations at Jasmine Restaurant, New World Hotel Makati City Philippines through (02)811-6888 local 3338.  New World Hotel is located opposite Greenbelt and their restaurant can just give you the new adventure you need apart from what the mall restaurants in Makati offer.  Groups of four and more can be accommodated with the exact meal and wine pairing served to us upon customers’ request.

For more information about New World Hotel visit


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