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Favourites: Cafe Breton


We know that Cafe Breton has long been in the Metro, but since I was hanging more often in this place recently to chat (with girl and guy friends and business partners) and eat (most pleasurable when free), I decided to make use of some photos I took before the dishes went into my tummy.  I visited branches in Ortigas, Timog and TriNoma which all has cool locations, comfy ambience and adorable interior design with furnitures that can be good conversation starters.

Now let’s talk about the food, shall we?  These are some favorites.

Run to CB for more 'Chicken Run' sandwich
Run to CB for more ‘Chicken Run’ sandwich

If you’ll decide to dine at Cafe Breton, your choices would be either sandwich, salads  crepes or beverages (hot and cold coffee, milkshakes and tea).  They only serve one spaghetti dish (tasty and savory) which you could try if you’re a heavy carb eater.  You may think the sandwiches are too light for lunch or dinner but they can actually satisfy your hunger.  I love chicken dishes, so it’s usually chicken run sandwich (about P160) that I order.  All other sandwiches including the tuna melt sandwich and go fish sandwich are equally good.

Generous serving of Breton Mozarella burger
Generous serving of Breton Mozarella burger

Now you can say with the first choices that i must be on a diet.  Guys with big appetite could order their Breton Mozarella Burger (Php 220).  It’s high in protein and complements your vegie needs with a side salad.  (Oh my, I’m craving while writing now).

dejavu crepe
can make you sing beyonce’s “baby, I swear it’s deja vu!”

If you are a desert lover and is craving for some delicious crepes, Cafe Breton so far has the best I’ve tasted!  My girl friends loved ‘Deja Vu’, (Php220) a mix of mango, special cream and caramel syrup plus vanilla ice cream.  You can tell what I look for in deserts from my other favourites: La Pinay, Mango Loco and Le Magnifique.  All has either or everything mango bits or ice cream, chocolate syrup or ice cream, almonds, and vanilla ice cream. Search for these in the menu.

Now let me try the savory crepes and beverages next time. XD.


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