When Time Flies

When Time Flies
Moments With You:  When Time Flies

“The view is so cool!  I love the morning breeze.   Thanks for bringing me here.”

“You’re always welcome.”

“I’ve been looking at the clouds, like how they seem to be moving fast in seconds.  When we sat here, that one was over there  (Girl pointing at one cloud), how many minutes has passed anyway?”

“More than an hour maybe.  Well, I haven’t been looking at my watch all day.”

“The sky is lovely. (takes a deep breath) I want to paint a rainbow on it to make the view perfect.”

(Guy reaches for girl’s hand) “Well, I don’t need to see a rainbow.  Everything’s perfect for me when beside you.”

(Girl smiles and answers back) “Yeah.  I think you’re just as colorful, too.”


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