I remember several games in grade school in which students has to be blindfolded to participate.  There’s one where you have hit a pot-filled with candies after turning around three times.  Another would need you to avoid stepping on lines drawn from chalk on the floor by following instructions from your partner.    The list goes on but mentioning these is about this confession I have to make: I   have cheated on blind folds many times.  I tie the handkerchief I use around my eyes in a way that I can see the floor while I’m walking.  This is because I hated not being able to see where I’m going.  And I’d always like to win the games.

Even as we grow up and become adults, we see life as a game in which there are many instances that we wear blindfolds.  Not knowing the future, not being able to see results, losing sight of priorities, and other handicaps are just some that we find our eyes entangled with.  Some are permanent and some are temporal.  But what is common is that we all have it – some may just have gotten used to it, or maybe like me, they learned how to cheat and take a peek of what’s ahead.

Journeying through life needs faith and courage.  If I knew back then that children’s games can train us to be more sensitive with the environment and cultivate trust; then I could have succumbed myself to this purpose and freely enjoy the minutes of darkness.  I am used to sleeping with lights off now unlike when I was a kid; but absence of guidance and enlightenment on desperate occasions is something I couldn’t withstand nowadays.  The Source is present but my window curtains would not allow light to get through and brighten my soul.

Sometimes we forget how we are also regarded as lights that cannot be hidden.  We seek enlightenment so much and the issue now is our own confidence to discern the course we have to make, our courage to decide, and will to take action.  The discomfort of blindfolds could be something we gave much attention to when in fact we are created to live and survive with it anyway.

Faith is not so much a leap in the dark as a journey toward the light.  God is not alien to reason but is simply larger than reason – Embracing the mysterious God by James Emery White.



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