Cosplay for Fun / Toycon 2013

pink hair

No, that was not a mannequin doll.  It’s moi with pink hair and false lashes. (blink blink) Everything including the headband is from my sassy and talented sister. My siblings have long been anticipating that I join them some time in costume for a cosplay convention.   Now there’s another event coming two weeks from now and I’m thinking if I can pretty much put together a get-up. Well, this shouldn’t be a hassle. Otherwise I’ll end up being the fan girl going around to take photos of familiar characters which is also FUN XD.

I’m showing the next photo with Joey and Aki for their much famous Zuko and Azula cosplay  from Avatar Last Air bender, with me in the middle as myself.  I mentioned they were famous because their photo on devart actually appears on google when you search for Zuko and Azula.

cosplay siblings

You see, in choosing a character, I wanted someone natural for me to portray.  I don’t want to walk around the mall or convention hall in discomfort with big, heavy, too glamorous or too sexy costume. Got any idea?

what to wear.. who to be.. blah!
what to wear.. who to be.. blah!

When I was in high school, my dream was to dress up like Rinoa Heartilly or Quistis Trepe.  That dream didn’t come true.  So I apologize for my anime friends anticipating for it whom I failed.  Anyway, perhaps I can still make it happen.  Make-up can do magic and perhaps I can still look as young as Rinoa, though I’m taller than her and I might end up like an elder sister version of her. Hmm…

That's her! Rinoa Heartilly
That’s her! Rinoa Heartilly
or Quistis Trepe?
or Quistis Trepe?

OTHER NON-FF CHARACTERS: When I worked as a professor, there was this campus event when I intended to wear “Gokusen”.  Red pajamas are easy to buy, but t didn’t make it to that event ‘coz I got sick (excused!).  I think I can also pass as Nanao Chan – Asian eyes, long black hair tied up, with eyeglasses.  All is okay except that I don’t think her costume is flattering for my figure.  Aki and Joey also suggests that I wear Asami.. and my mom is actually thinking “cat woman” (lol).

Imagine me as Asami (Legend of Korra)
Imagine me as Asami (Legend of Korra)
or Nanao Chan?
or Nanao Chan?

(I’m just enjoying vanity in this post.  For the record, I can write something ‘none commercial’ or ‘with-no-lesson-at-all’ sometimes.)

And since I mentioned it.. Back to the job. Let’s promote THE UPCOMING EVENT.  See posters for details! Send me a message if you’re going and hope to see you there XD

Visit Toycon’s official page

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