Someday We Will Meet.

My reply to your poetry, sire: “I have longed for that someday, that time to hear you speak, of unspoken words and promises an aching heart seeks. I yearned only to find it has passed, blown before my eyes like grains of sand, leaving no trace for me to remember. The ocean breeze carries a scent of the warrior I once knew, only time can tell that it was you. I believe that there is still, a secret garden where roses’ fragrance, like true love never fades. Perhaps someday we’ll meet again, taste wine that has gotten sweeter, reserved for a shared drink for two.

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Someday we will meet, someday very soon
someday when I am wise, but still a hearty fool.
I know that I disgust you, I know that you feel shame,
to know that you once loved me, and now I feel the same.
Someday under the giant oak, that shades over us all,
and bears the fruit of love, yet worries of no fall.
How delightful would it be, to reside in your embrace?
to feel your comely warmth, to see your loving face!
I dream of this and more, without you by my side,
and see you as I look, find you as I hide.
Everywhere I turn, I am reminded of you,
the red branches of autumn, that warm subtle hue,
the soft glowing fire, in the kindling wood so few,
the falling leaves of maple, all the ones I knew,
for everything I feel, I feel for me…

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1 thought on “Someday We Will Meet.

  1. How captivating an ode, I am content to read how well you’ve grasped that which I intended for every one to.
    Osama Iftikhar

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