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The Point

I’m not sure where he’s getting at. I was just asking a simple question about a task assigned to me when he invited me to sit beside him. He left whatever that was he’s working on and devoted his time to answer and explain.

“Wait. We’ll get there.”   That was the Excel Master’s word after several time of finding me asking him to get to the point.  He is one of the busiest in the office addressing many inquiries and I didn’t want to take much of his time.  What I wanted to do was work on my own after getting instructions from him.  I asked a simple question, I wanted a plain answer but he made me walk through a whole new way of doing things.  At the back of my mind I am losing my calm and wanted to tell him how I want to get things done, my way.

waitIf you are a writer like me, then endings would be an important part of the story for you.  Plotting the beginning, middle and last part should be outlined before we think of the minor details and events.  We know ahead how things will end in the story we tell, but we don’t like to spoil the thrill of narrating an idea (like the Excel Guy) by going directly to the point.  And we know it may take a longer time to get there than what our audience expect.

The Master Writer has his own way of teaching us through our personal stories and that of other’s lives, too.  When he was on earth, he spoke in parables and not many understood the lessons he wants to impart.  There could have been more than one person in the crowd with “What’s the point?!” running through their heads as the Rabbi speaks.  They were left with a choice to stay and listen or walk away.

the point

Back in the office, I braced myself and decided to listen to the Excel Master anyway. Yes, I felt irritated for the fact that I had to act like a student listening to a teacher.  Yet I was flattered with the attention he showered over my plain request. I asked him because he was the expert and he was generous enough to tell me more than I need to know. I had to compose myself like a lady in front of this gentleman. We ended up finishing my task together.  And because of what happened, I got home with this idea of how the Master Writer is dealing with me now and how I should respond.



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