Fun Filipino Dining at Crisostomo

Crisostomo Resorts World

College barkada went to Resorts World Manila for a mini-reunion.  We looked for a fine dining restaurant with a friendly yet intimate ambiance so we could share stories, and of course, taste something new as a feast for our palate.

It was our first time at Crisostomo and we had a great experience.  The nice interior and welcoming staff in Filipiniana costume called our attention to the place.  Plus, their claim of serving authentic Filipino cuisine with a twist was inviting.  Since my friends trusted me to order for us, I had the fun of choosing the dishes we enjoyed for the night.  Voila!  These were my selections:

crisostomo meals

Manok ng Diablo is one of the all time favourites at Crisostomo. It is so far the best seller since Filipinos love fried chicken, and the spicy kick on the tender juicy meet made it more appetizing.  This blended well with their Adobo Rice, which is actually tasty on its own without the viand.  Now there are greens on the table because my diet dictates for vegetables, and I think I ate half of the Crispy Beef tapa salad with kesong puti served for the four of us.  By the way, there are more vegetable dishes on their menu like pinakbet or gising gising.  Now the group’s favorite is their Monroy Laing Pizza  which tastes really good with gabi, shrimp and coconut milk. I think we’ll be coming back to taste other pizza flavours:  Saturnina (chicken pork adobo with mangoes and eggs), Vicente (Lahuna kesong puti with tomatoes and basil)  , and Mateo (Hamonado Lucban and Vigan longganisa)

Click here to view Crisostomo’s menu.

Satisfied customers
Satisfied customers: Osang, Tara, Jonah and Berline

‘Til our next food trip 🙂


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