One of my dreams when I was a child was to experience winter.  I would imagine touching the snow, and forming balls or a snow man from it. This fascination may have started when I watched Hollywood movies like Home Alone and others taken during Christmas.  My dream seems easy to be fulfilled but I live in a tropical country with only two seasons.  Each day is either dry or rainy, and getting my hands to witness winter would require me to travel.

I remember going one time to a theme park in Manila with an attraction they called “ice land”.  Guests are encouraged to wear thick clothing and the jackets provided to cope with the low temperature of the place.  There were sculptures and formations made of ice everywhere –castles, dolphins, I even remember a gigantic slide and the bridge we cross made of ice.  I was a teen then yet I still enjoyed the view like how a seven year old would.  I gazed on what I can despite shivering and resisting the temptation to rush or leave ahead because I can’t stand the cold temperature for a long time.

I can pretty much say more about loving snow, ice and winter. However, I dislike the state of being  “frozen” and hearing the word “freeze”.  I get impatient when I’m stuck, and despise being boxed. You can actually imagine me as water – I appreciate life and motion, but not being solid and confined as ice. I’m not excused from these spells because the law of nature allows humans to experience the winters of our hearts.  We can’t escape the season of seeking the warmth of the sun to melt us in its apparent absence.

“The sun is always there, it just hides during the night. Or maybe there is already sunlight out there but your curtains hinder it to get through your window.”This was the preacher’s word in church last week which stroked a chord in my spirit.  I guess I better regain composure by thinking of this season like my fondness for snow.  I’ll expose myself my hardened core ‘til the heat of the sun touches it again and melt the frozenness.


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