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Photo Gallery: Toycon 2013

We were able to visit Day 3 of ToyCon 2013 (Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention) at SM Megamall, Megatrade last June 16.  It’s been a tradition for us to see the annual event to check out cosplayers in their favourite anime or superhero costumes, life-size action figures, and merchandise.

Over the years, we got used to the crowd which falls in either one of these categories: the cosplayers (which goes solo or with their barkada, and they come in different ages), the photographers (most of them are guys in long pony-tailed hair with DSLR), the shoppers (SM Megamall shoppers probably got used to seeing people in costumes strolling around the mall every quarter), the collectors (oh my, they really spend alot of budget for those action figures)  and the fan-girls/ guys (follows around cosplayers until they can take photos with them).

I admit I did not take a lot of photo this time because I already missed the inspiring and post-worthy ones.  We got inside at around 6pm to avoid the long registration line the same day. But in case you were there and might be looking for a photo of you which was captured by a mysterious lady photographer (moi)with her iphone, then give these a quick view.

P.S. We wrote descriptions in each photo to shorten the text we have to write here in the main page.  Just click and tell us what you like 😉

Enjoy and see you next year (or at Fantasy Quest this August)!!


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