“Is growing in this pot difficult for you?”  The girl asked the wildflower.  She wouldn’t have let him pick this captivating beauty from the forest.  But the gentleman found it worthwhile to keep in their journey.  Since then it has been sheltered and cared for by its new found possessors.

She stared and waited, but there was no answer from the wildflower.  However, it radiated a still gentleness that pierced her soul.  It exuded a scent of contentment that she breathed in for the first time.  It stood firmly with gratitude, and proud for being chosen from among the many.

Her concern for the wildflower then turned into assurance. Its silence has spoken of colorful imagery that erased all her dismay. She smiled, and again whispered to the flower: “You have the world to see. And that is still the same soil on the pot by the way. Enjoy the adventure.”


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