The Road to Unknown




I traveled to the unknown and left someone by the road.  I am better off alone, I said – I can ran as fast without a burden.  I’ll only stop to eat, to sleep, and my encounter with whomever I meet along the way would be enough for the companionship I need.

Did you ever leave someone behind in real life?  To pursue a dream, perhaps to build wealth, or something more noble than you think if you’re not a fan of material riches?  Was that person the one you loved, or was it yourself, or the you that you used to know before you were enticed by an ambition? That goal may be something new, or something that has long been in your heart;  Did you have regrets?  Did you ever look back? Or was it even worth it in the end?

Was it your choice? Or was it something forced for you to do?  To distance yourself  from the comfort of a friend, from the love of a family, from convenience of security, or peace, or a hope is something difficult to do.  Or was your destination big enough, really large enough to pursue?

I ran in speed to the unknown, to see for myself  what it was.  And only I, myself can tread its path until I can picture it.  If my future is unknown, and yours is unknown, too; it may be the same course but how will I know until I find my own?

Sometimes we move because our past forces us to.  And the speed determines how fast it wanted to drive you away.  It was fueled by either pain or regret, sometimes more than the calling of a new world that you perceive.  It’s either we want to leave familiar, or find a familiar world that we can fix.

I speak in riddles but if you’re in the same place where I am coming from, you will understand my language.  I will know you when I meet you, and you will know me – either as a traveler going to that unknown, someone who has been lost, or someone coming back to familiar because you found where unknown leads.  Where does it lead?

The road to the unknown is not lonely.  When I left you, I met someone by the road.  Another familiar face but has a different ask. “Let’s go back.”  He stopped from running full speed when he recognized me.  And he was actually running the opposite way to find someone who was lost.

“You are my friend, ill fetch you wherever you are and we’ll go back together.”

Back together going where, you asked?  Maybe you’ve been running in circles for some time like me. And my long prose is giving you boredom yet striking a subtle interest on how it will end.  We’re always concerned how it ends!  And damn, I hate my ways as I writer starting stories from the end, backwards to the beginning so that I know every way it turns.

The words he gave were the most arresting line ever written that I have heard for years!  It made me feel alive, and what’s more fascinating is how it magically revealed what’s up there to see – in that endless road to unknown that we’ve been striving so hard to reach.

I sat down the road, find somewhere I can sketch. I can now paint my unknown and it’s a lovely sight to see.  But it leads not to an ambition, or a destination, or a futile answer to life’s unending questions.  It leads to a Person, a Relationship, to Trust and Submission.  And this comes along in the journey and not the end point of a road.  JMC 6/27/2013


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