Art and Poetry, La La La Love


Batman and Catwoman
Batman and Catwoman

We’ve been here before.   Are you capturing me again?

I am a thief.  I am used to escaping but always caught surrendering to you.

Tsk, tsk. It seems you had me poisoned to subdue.

Is there still something in there, Bruce?  In your heart, left for me?

Or was it completely stolen by Jezebel?  I wonder what you saw in her.

Is it the taste of her lips? Or the trouble she gave more than I did?

It doesn’t matter now, right?  because you..  just rescued my heart.

Now I could quiet myself with the thought that perhaps you remembered that kiss… that night.

I’m glad you desired to save Selina.

But if she was worth saving, it bothers me that you still don’t trust her in this mask.

Do I need to again unravel all that you need to see?

Maybe that will make you believe that one day we can break the spell and just be.

Well, if you still have nothing to say and think I’m speaking too much already

You can just wrap your arms around me and I’ll … hush.


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