Beyond The Wall

beyond the wall

An art is perceived differently by people who look at it since they come from unique backgrounds and experiences.  I am not sure if you have seen or noticed why the photo above was named “Beyond the Wall.” Well, I think I’ve seen a wall there.  And taking a few minutes looking at Rodel Buban’s art work made me arrive at a conclusion that this wall is an illusion.  Do you see it ,too?

The wall is an illusion

The meanings of the word fear from a Benchmarking seminar I attended two years ago still sticks on my mind:  False Experiences Appearing Real.  When we fear something, we picture a scenario in our mind that may or may not actually happen.  The mental picture is unreal, but the emotions we feel about it are real.

I came across people of different “fears” recently – fear of water and dipping in the pool, fear of the dark, even fear of eating certain food which they’re not allergic to in the first place.  I have my own fear and I can’t explain how it started.  What I know is that these stimulants causing me fear are like walls hindering me to do something, or to get to somewhere.  And apparently, I’m aware that these could only be illusions!

If fear then is something that is only generated in the mind, it will take discipline to conquer thoughts and thousands of suggestions that goes in daily.  This may take a conditioning of sorts to focus on what is true and establish beliefs that would easily eliminate what is not. The battle starts in the head but often we are either passive or permissive guarding it.

Breaking the illusion.

I remember how Amanda used hypnotism in the Nikita series as her weapon against Alex.  The illusion was weaved in such a way that she’s attracted to cling to it to cope up her current pain and insecurities.  Because of this, she was trapped to believe in it.  The chapter ended with other people around her noticing changes in her getting them convinced to “wake her up”.  She didn’t listen and had to go through the pain of losing her boyfriend Sean before she acknowledged the deception.

Alex and Amanda
Alex and Amanda

Easier said the done, the answer to melting the barrier is seeking the truth, and sometimes that requires having someone to wake you up and speak the truth.  There are only a few people in this world who are brave enough to hurt you with words with the intent of changing you for the better. Be grateful for these friends.  One day you’ll need to do the same thing they have done to you to another valuable soul you’ll meet.

What’s beyond?

Breaking the barrier, whether fear of whatever, would still require your presence, your energy and your will for you to break through.  And it starts with one word- “commitment.”

Commitment only happens as a response of a vision or a promise.  We move forward because we have faith that what’s on the other side is worth the hardship or challenge.  After commitment, comes courage strengthened by conviction.  See the connections?  Commitment, is not merely a word but is manifested by action.  Same as faith.  The difference is you can have faith on something or someone without actually committing to it.  But that faith could be dead.

Now look at the painting again.

Are you still focused on finding the wall or have you seen what’s behind it?

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.-Romans 12:2


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