from visualphotos.com
from visualphotos.com

Love is like a cloak that we should wear ourselves everyday. – Flaring Felicity

We often look for warmth from another person – perhaps through receiving a smile, or a like in your facebook post, or a hand holding yours.  It eases our inner coldness from a day spent in toil, or going through boredom, or finishing a routine.   And sometimes we get frustrated when we don’t get a  response from the person whom we’re expecting that greeting, that affirmation, that kiss.  Your disappointment may come from your neighbor, your co-worker, your family, your friend or beloved.  Just love anyway.

Initiate to say hi to your neighbor.  Start a conversation with your colleague.  Call your family.  Like your friend’s profile photo.  Hold your beloved’s hand.  Do these not for the sake of getting but for the sake of loving – because in reality, this is how companionship, friendship and deeper relationships start.

P.S. I’m not an expert on this.  But I realized that this is how I receive warmth – by starting to be a warm person myself.  And it takes some humbling to do that because I need to accept prior that I am already deeply loved.  


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