Hector and Matthew

hector and matthew

“How is he, that Matthew?  I heard he’s used to stealing girls’ hearts”

“Really? Well, he didn’t take away mine, Hector.”

“Why not? I think you’re a good steal… one precious find.  Did you like him in the first place?”

“Maybe I did.  Maybe he did want to.  But how can he can he mess with me while you are around?”


Matthew.  No,  I really don’t think that Matt just wanted to play around.   Though that is how people sees him.  He may have been a thief, lured with what beauty caught his eyes,  but I know there is more to him.  I understood him.  Not just because I’m also a stealer of hearts and once wanted to have his affection; but because  he actually stopped and invited me to take a deeper look.  When someone does that, I really gaze, with pleasure and wonder.  And yes I am fascinated by this fun, unique, and lovable being who presented himself to me as himself.  Was that his way of stealing?  Well, maybe.  But I see someone else underneath. He is not a thief.

matthew 2

Memories of that night flashed yet I defend myself again… Matt is not a thief.

Hector looked at me, tilted his head closer to my face with his eyebrow raised.  “And now you are blaming me, Miss?” 

Maybe I am blaming Hector now because it’s a better way to deal with the pain than to think someone decided to leave you.   Well, Matthew didn’t actually leave because he didn’t say goodbye.  He’s just busy with his occupation cause he found some new things to hunt. And I’m sure that it’s not girls, this time.  Not riches too.  He is now a ‘robin hood’ – one characteristic he may have gotten from me.  If there’s one good thing he may have stolen from me, that is the value of foresight, and dreams, and goals.


“Hector, when will you stop meddling with the guys I like?!”  My voice raised and he backed off with surprise.  Just before he talked to me, I knew he did something for Matt to walk away.  I have mastered his craft and have always picked up pieces of clues which he leaves behind after his work.  If he calls him a thief, I wanted to name Hector as an assassin.  I discovered him to have killed some fantasies I had just when it’s about to happen.

But Hector is my guardian, my friend and my lover.  His love was a different one; unconditional, yet not annoying like some people who impress to get something back.  Hector just wanted to be there, and I didn’t mind that he is here, still.  In a way he has kept my heart in place when it wanted to jump off from my hands on throw itself away to some men who calls themselves a prince. Hector is my knight, my crusader, and sometimes my enemy when certain situations come – which I think you now know about.


“I’m just protecting you.   And until I find the right one, I won’t let go.”

Note: Hector, Matthew and Sera (the girl in pink hair) are characters from an RPG video game fire emblem.  Writer is just indulging in this fan fic and is now thinking about how ladies’ should have a “Hector” in their real lives.

 ***Proverbs 4:23 Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the springs of life.***


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