Lunch Break: Floring’s BBQ and Grill

I admit to be a regular customer of food delivery services. As part of an NGO’s  Marketing department for my day job, we have frequent meetings over lunch and  sometimes spend dinner in the office whenever we prepare for upcoming events.

I recently got introduced to, a 24-hour online delivery service which I found helpful to satisfy my hunger in between work.  What I like the most about is that it has plenty of restaurant partners.  I can choose where to order depending on my cravings! Yes, this is how I decide where to eat for lunch break most of the time.  The next two features I appreciate is  how customers are able to create one account with multiple addresses (in case they want food delivered either in their homes or office); and an update portion where you can check the status of your order.

Their restaurant search bar lets you choose by cuisine! Like them on facebook at
Their restaurant search bar lets you choose by cuisine! Like them on facebook at

I needed something filling and healthy for the day, so I searched for a restaurant offering Filipino cuisine where i can buy grilled meat and vegetables.  Trying something new from Floring’s BBQ and grill would be perfect!  Our order was delivered just in time for lunch break.


By the way, Floring’s is one of Chef Florabel’s group of restaurants.  I had an enjoyable dining experience when I last visited one of their affiliate restaurants.  (Also check out my blog review: Fun Filipino Dining at Crisostomo)  This is my first time trying Floring’s, but I’m sure my choice can’t go wrong.

 Are you now excited what’s on our menu for today? Here are the foodie treats with ratings from me and my co-workers who shared the sumptuous meal!


I’m not a pork-eater but I felt that their sizzling lechon kawali is a must have!  And it was, indeed.  Meat was tender and the vegetable mixed with it was flavorful.  I didn’t mind my no-pork diet this time.


I am a fan of tofu, and I love mixing it with oyster sauce and potatoes when I cook these at home.  Floring’s sizzling tofu has a simple blend of mayonnaise which goes well with its texture.   Just right as an appetizer for me.


Vegie lovers will take delight in this plate of pinakbet which I’m giving a perfect score.  The greens were cooked well, with a unique savory flavor that gives it a home-cooked yet fine-dining taste.


You will love this combination of lechon manok with laing!  I expected the lechon manok in “diablo” which I ordered to be more spicy, but your taste buds can find this meat more exciting when matched with laing.  For my foreign readers, laing is taro leaves in coconut milk.  You should try some. My colleagues were unanimous having laing as our favorite from the entire dish.

We enjoyed our meal and I thank my office buddies who makes my job feel lighter, and lunch breaks more fun!

happy eating

Saying hi to Nonoy Floresca (my blogging guru, visit his site trails unlimited), and my frequent lunch dates Kat Lozada and Malvin Oronce (the cool  guy behind the camera).


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