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Weekly Gem: Ruby


I’m writing this while drinking salabat (ginger tea) at Tsoko Nut Batirol in Makati.  It’s raining on a Friday night and you know what it’s like outside when near my area, I’d rather spend an hour relaxed than hurdling trafficI wanted to slow down after a hectic week but I found tonight a little boring and lonely (every day should be a party!). So for the sake of turning my boredom into blessing, I’ll indulge in writing my awesome experiences and lessons learned for the past few days. Hope these will be a precious gem of wisdom which you’d learn from.


Wisdom for the week is represented by a “ruby” gem – the stone of fire and passion.  Why?  Just read on and perhaps you’ll get the connection.


I’ve been getting writing jobs recently.  Most of them are from readers, and it feels good when they start their proposal sharing how they like the blog.  Last Tuesday for example, I got an email from a guy blogger, whose space is more awesome than mine! I’m really grateful that he noticed my site. Hearing from a stranger who appreciates your work is a great booster.  

I only have a few followers compared to other bloggers with wide networks, but I often remind myself that having a big audience is not what I intended in the first place.  I just wanted to have an outlet and inspire people with my daily life stories.  That’s how flaring felicity started – not aiming to make it “commercial” or filled with press releases then.  I’m blessed whenever I hear feedback readers enjoy my inspirational posts because that’s what I wanted to happen.

It’s been more than a year maintaining flaring felicity and I now have around 177 articles published.  I made it a habit to write two to three articles in a week, and sometimes I produce more than that when I’m inspired (and in love).  It’s really not difficult to spend time for something you love doing – and for me, one of my passions is writing.  Before wordpress, I had blogs in Multiply and Friendster.  I actually started to write when I was seven.



I remembered David Bonifacio’s speech during the Donor Recognition event organized by Habitat for Humanity Philippines at EGS this week.  He mentioned the value of spending time to develop positive habits while we are young.  “Many are amazed at how Mark Zuckerberg became successful at his young age.  Well, he’s been programming since he was eight!”  David emphasized that the social networking genius spent decades to master his craft.  And just as a 6-packed abs can’t take shape in a week, a winning character also needs an investment of time, money and effort to be formed.

I’m treating my dreams the same way – one small step at a time.  And like everybody else, I still get impatient many many times.


David Bonifacio is a young writer, social worker, artist and entrepreneur. Visit his blog at That’s him and moi in the photo, and our Project 100 Donors from Expert Global Solutions Inc.


Yesterday, a young artist friend Alab Pagarigan shared with me his joy of being featured in an online magazine.  While looking at the screen, thoughts of having a magazine page with my own profile on it got me excited, too.   I just can’t imagine yet how everything will look like and how.  Hmm… maybe I’ll get featured as a blogger, or a fundraiser.. or a fashion mag will just give me a makeover.Why not?  We’re all free to dream and nothing is impossible.

I was tempted to stop dreaming, but I’d rather dream and feel alive than fear failure and frustration. – Flaring Felicity


Read about Alab Pagarigan at, turn to page 8-9. Check out some of his works featured here in my blog, too: Day and Night , Steal My Heart


I attended the 2013 Digital Asia Conference organized by Globaltronics last Thursday.  Thanks for my free pass, I got to see future trends in technology which excites me and scares me at the same time.  Let me explain. The rise of digital gadgets troubles me because it can drive people to live a fast-paced, screen-focused lifestyle replacing human interaction.  At the same time, I’m amazed at how technology enables empowerment to reaching as many people in the shortest span of time.


If there are two skills I am now compelled to befriend because of this development, that will be discipline (yes, it’s a skill) and communication.  Discipline limits your obsession with fast-changing innovations and brings back your focus to your core.  It also expands your horizon to explore activities that will build you as a person and pushes you to stick to it.  Knowing the right way to communicate, on the other hand – makes you relevant.  Content is still king, but how you say it, and your knowledge of new ways to connect, for me, will be just as important.


 “Ako si Noynoy Aquino. Pilipino ako. Napakasarap maging Pilipino sa panahong ito.” (translation: I’m Noynoy Aquino. I’m a Filipino – it feels good to be a Filipino at this point in time.)

President Noynoy Aquino’s mentioned these lines, which I think is the perfect way to end his State of the Nation Address last July 22. This has been much talked about in the local news this week.  My honest opinion is that there are plenty of issues that are still unresolved, but we are definitely on the right track and I am also proud like our President.  This is applicable for me whether or not the country is in a good political or economic state because the talents and hearts of Filipinos are remarkable.  But of course, how a nation is perceived is also reflected on its people and I really pray that the government will project the positive image we deserve.

I have clients and former bosses from Pakistan, Australia, France, Japan  (and a recent offer from UK).  They all trust Filipinos’ capacity to deliver.  Because of this I am challenged to give importance to my work since it can either build or break that good impression.  Bottom line: It’s also individuals who contribute to how trustworthy a nation could be.  That includes you and me.  Someday, I want to make Filipinos proud.  And I’m starting now with these little gems.


Now I’m in a good mood to eat my brownie cheesecake! XD

Hope you had a great week, too!


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