Seeking Fine Pearls

pearl necklace

Pearls are my favorite accessories.  These are classic pieces suitable in formal occasions, or even in jeans.  Wearing pearls give a woman a touch of royalty in her look.  And more than how we look, how a clothing or jewelry makes us feel about ourselves is important.

I will liken my week to searching for fine pearls, with the intention of creating a strand of necklace.  I needed pieces of affirmation, wisdom and advice – and these to me are pearls that I’d like to wear around.  I seek them not just to make myself look enticing, but to engage in something where I can contribute.  As a woman, this also adds to my worth.

woman silhouette with pearls

“Why do you have to look good in the eyes of men?”  My guy friend asked me the other night.  When he said “men”, you can consider that he refers to either people in general and the male species.  In the context of our conversation, he intended to address the latter. I actually paused with no answer, because the words would rather come out on this post through my fingertips.  I’d like to ask him back, “Why are your eyes drawn to what looks good?” 

Later this week, I surveyed guy friends (who are in the same age as me and in a relationship) with random questions about girls.  To the first one, I asked to describe an irresistible woman.  He lays down the physical list, “She just has to get more and more beautiful each time I see her.”  His answers didn’t include her character.  His definition of beautiful there was vague.  I’m not satisfied with the answer but I understood what he was saying.

I rephrased my question, and tried to ask another guy what made him attracted to a certain girl.  He described her physical attribute first, “I liked her eyes, her smile, and she’s tall”.  He then continued, “She was fun to be with, and I liked her perkiness.”  Apparently, that girl was me.  The night before I asked him was a time when I forgot what my “pearl” was – my unique quality that I just can’t trade-off for anything and define who I am.  Sometimes, I just needed to ask in order to remember.

Days followed and the reminder came from people around me without asking for it.  I realized that surrounding yourselves with gratitude-filled friends really helps.  They get you back on track to be aware of your worth, which you also have to secure yourself in the first place.  There are people who will demean you but you should always find a way to pick yourself up.

After talking to the guys, I turned to my lady friends who are likable and observed what’s in them that made them attractive.  I find it interesting how they keep a balance of maintaining both internal and physical beauty.  What has drawn me to them is their strong yet submissive spirit which reminds me of a pearl – delicate, pure, round, with no rough edges yet brilliant and lustrous.  It is compact and whole.  Girls are interesting when they’re wrapped with a touch of mystery.  You don’t see its core right away unlike the other translucent gems.


I worked for a South-sea pearl manufacturing company for almost a year and I am familiar how merchants dictate the value of a pearl depending on the market trend.  There are many criteria how to judge the price of each but those whose eyes are trained to see pearls can easily identify the perfect one among a sea of pearls.

Same in life, we just need to train our eyes to seeing what’s truly beautiful to easily spot the real blessing in the midst of the least valuable.   We ourselves put in importance or value on the things we own, the people we are with, dreams we wish to have, or who we are.

pearl of great price

I came across a preaching entitled Jenny and the Pearls which speaks about a father asking for her young daughter’s artificial pearl necklace.   Since it is valuable to her, she wouldn’t give it to her dad and says how she can have all her other toys except the pearl.  In the end,  she finally gave it to her dad who constantly assured her of his love.  What her dad did in return was replaced it with a real strand of pearl necklace that she has no capacity to buy for herself.

That’s how our father in heaven is able to give us our true worth and identity,too. The things that we value may be artificial, or how people marked us with a tag price may be unfair.  But he grants us a reason to value ourselves out of grace and love when Christ died for us on the cross.  1 Corinthians 7:23 says You were bought at a price, therefore do not be slaves of men.

Now watch the video of Jenny and the Pearls to perfectly appreciate what I just shared.


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