The Man I Choose to Love


He pleads, “Love me.”

I am convinced that love is an action, a deliberate effort and that I have to play a part in seeking and knowing the person in order to love.  But if my basis is only the past and how he was with me then, will I revere who He is now?  Can I really answer yes and let this man show his affection – if there is still so much of it like what he was saying.

He spoke again as if he knows my thoughts, “Choose to love me.”

“Why?”  I uttered a soft response, hesitant yet spontaneous as if it slipped my tongue.   He didn’t have to answer because I understood that very moment.  I understood, that me saying yes to his invitation is the only way I’ll learn to love him.  My words are his license to love me.  And I felt as if he knows I belonged to another man and he has to have permission.

The man in front of me was someone from the past.  He came back from the present with a promise to share the same romance – thrilling, passionate, refreshing.  And maybe even more if that describes the kind of love that I am learning – patient, enduring, selfless, real.

Funny, the mere look of his eyes gave the answers i need.

“Choose to love me. Now.”

He is still after all, the man that I used to love. I felt as if he is containing his passion, how he misses me and how he wants to wrap his arms around me that very moment.  And he did. Seconds of my silence had let him kiss me with a kiss filled with longing, reminding me that I am His.  If this is his way of pouring his emotions and the words that he didn’t express, then this is lavish enough for me to drown yet thirst more.


“So this is a yes?” He got to whisper in my ear before I get completely mesmerized.

“Umm.. what does yes mean again?”

I’m expecting him to say rules, let me know his expectations and what will change.  Well, an unspoken requirement include leaving my other lovers behind.  This seems unfair but my heart confirms that he is the man I want. I’ve been waiting for him to come back.

“Yes means I am yours and you are mine.”

I stopped upon hearing this, feeling that tears are welling up in my eyes.  “I don’t understand how you mean.”  I placed my hand on his chest as I seek explanation but that is all he said to me after.

*The Man I Choose to Love is part of the bloggers’ series of original fiction posts.  Read the other two: The Man I Used to Love and The Man Whom I Love.  Related post: Your Future Queen


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