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The Day I Got Stuck in Flood


Today is 9 o’clock in the morning; I’m at the second floor of our apartment.  I skipped work because streets are flooded and I had little sleep trying to watch if the leak on my room’s ceiling will spread to reach the light bulb and the electrical socket.  For the first time also, I experienced the flood coming inside the house where I am staying.  I am renting a room here in my friend’s apartment.  We are ten gathered here, three are children and we’re relying on one man to go out in the storm for our food (Really hard working man of the house, I salute you!). Water is knee-deep downstairs and I dare not plunge in fear of electrocution or leptospirosis.

backgrounder: Typhoon Maring hits Metro Manila

What’s Important

The most important things with me now are my two cellular phones (both with no load), my laptop, a pack of biscuits I bought yesterday, and my wallet. By the way, today is payday and I still have to withdraw to fill my wallet with cash.  I doubt if ATM machines are available.  I have two water bottles, one is empty and the other will be good for one gulp.  I realized that I should stick with my Monday routine to buy my groceries for the week, which I didn’t do after work yesterday because of the rain (even if streets aren’t flooded yet). Maybe I’ll find a way to survive with just these after I calm myself with writing.

Today, I didn’t care much about my cabinet filled with my collection of clothes and books.  I didn’t care much about my imported bags.  I didn’t care much about my accessories or how I’m not able to brush my teeth and take a bath.  But I have thought of wanting to plunge in the knee-deep water to get the wifi-modem!  That is so I could send a message to my family to ask if they’re safe (and I need them to give m eload for calls!).  I have convinced myself to get a boyfriend, kiss him and get married as soon I get to date the guy I like after the flood subsides.  I have wanted many times to pray that perhaps miracles will happen like food and drinking water delivered in our door step.  Yes, there is this deep desire to pray but I just don’t know how to start. By the way, If we have been dating and you got to read this, I am just scaring you.

Still Blessed

Last night while I was lying down, I hear the heavy rain outside that has not stopped overnight.  I felt thankful that I am comfortable in my bed despite the leaking ceiling I had to deal with.  I knew there will be families forced to evacuate from their homes and seek another shelter.  As I wrapped myself in blanket, I remember children who may have been shivering in cold.  As I hug my pillow, I can imagine people longing for loved ones in need of rescue or have died due to damage brought about by the typhoons.  I know that I am blessed.  Weird, I had this “what if scenario” in mind and thought of what I’ll do in case our house will be flooded.  And that scene happened when I woke-up.

No Work Today

I have worked for the past two years with non-government organizations and have been present to respond to others’ needs through raising funds for relief operations.  Today, I can’t just do that because I have to think of my own survival. I am happy that I have no work today and can sleep longer, and unhappy because today we’re in a state of calamity and not in a holiday.

Stuck in Writing

It is funny how I am actually calmed by writing- my most loved hobby which I was belittling last night.  (Read my related post: Sticking with Writing)  In the midst of heavy rains and calamities,  we cannot party, think of business, surf in the flood waves or ride a bike.  But I can always grab a pen, write and inspire (that is if what I’m typing will be published).  Okay, you can try photography to entertain yourself,too.  Take your camera, be adventurous and shoot photos of the flooded streets!  Exciting, right?  Hmm, I’m now thinking maybe I should marry a photographer.  Haha, forgive me for saying all these out loud.  This is just to keep my sanity. 

When I have finally uploaded this post on my blog it means I have survived, and may have been back in action and helping people.  Comment on this post and congratulate me.  One thing is for sure,  Filipinos can always find ways to have fun in the midst of the storm.

P.S. My two NGO families are currently doing relief efforts for families affected by Typhoon Labuyo and Typhoon Maring.

Habitat for Humanity assists communities through distribution of shelter repair kits to help rebuild homes and provide construction support where it is most needed.  After the disaster response initiatives, they will be working with the local government and private institutions to give socialized housing to families who lost their homes.

World Vision distributes relief packs good for two weeks so that families affected by the typhoon can attend to other needs.   They also prioritize building child friendly spaces for psychosocial interventions of kids in the evacuation centers. I indicated their bank account numbers for donations below:


  • Deposit your contributions to Bank of Philippine Islands Current Account 2421-0014-24.
    • Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Philippines Foundation, Inc.
    • Fax your deposit slip with your name, contact details, and project (Disaster Response) to +632-856-53-89


Banco de Oro Account No.: 000-2700-4341-1 Account Name World Vision Development Foundation Inc. (Please fax your deposit slip with your name on it. Fax no. 632-374.7660 or E- mail to – See more at:


3 thoughts on “The Day I Got Stuck in Flood”

  1. Everything’s better today? Leon panicked last night that i don’t have wifi or data connection, it’s terrible! But nothing compared to those who are affected by the disaster – trueblue fundraiser you are! Way to go Jonah chip babe

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