Top Five Asian Countries to Visit

Asia is such a wonderful continent that it is hard to pick just five Asian countries to visit. But if you plan on getting the most of Asia and visit its key points and main tourist attractions you should consider the following places as a must on your traveling list.

 1. One night in Bangkok


For all you 80s fans out there “one night in Bangkok” can represent just a song  performed by Murray Head. But what you should have in mind is the fact that Bangkok is one of the most visited countries in Asia. And the reasons why are plenty. Tourists simply love this city because it combines both urban landscapes and ancient historical places. So if you want to get a glimpse of the Asian culture, this is the place to be. Or if you just want to get a taste of the big city life, visit Bangkok and you surely won`t be disappointed.

2. Tokyo, Japan`s most loved city


The capital of Japan is always crowded with tourists that love the Japanese culture as well as pop culture. Tokyo is thought to be the biggest metropolis in the entire world and it is filled with places that you must see if you love travelling. You shouldn`t miss out the Imperial Palace either, it is simply magnificent.

3. Beijing, the place to be in China


The ancient pagodas, the museum, the Great Wall of China and many more! This city is surely filled with a lot of attractions and it is perfect for sight-seeing. Its historical areas mingle just fine with the urban life.

4. Siem Reap, Cambodia`s beautiful city


A lot of traditions are kept in here, including dances and performances from local artists. The architecture is mind blowing and the Angor Wat temple leaves you speechless. You should consider this destination on your list; it is a favorite destination among people who embark on a spiritual journey or among those who seek to meditate

5. Hong Kong, another great city in China


Hong Kong is among the most visited cities in Asia and it`s no wonder why. Although it is a city filled with skyscrapers, its museums are surely worth your time. And of course, we should drop by Disneyland!

Enjoy exploring and hope to see you in one of these countries soon!


2 thoughts on “Top Five Asian Countries to Visit

  1. You missed Taipei. I loved it so much more than Hong Kong

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, would love to see Sun Moon Lake and the temples. Are there other sights to see in Taipei?

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