To Trust Him is to Love Him (Part 2)

“I give my trust to a person – not to something or some idea.  Sometimes, this person has to be God, or myself, or a lover.  Trust is just anchored in relationships.”

These were my words from Part 1 but as of writing this tonight I am convinced that it’s the other way around.  All relationships are anchored in trust, for without it, there is no foundation to build one.



Pocahontas, out of curiosity, befriended John Smith.  Though he was a stranger, and eventually revealed himself as one of the enemies, he won the trust of the tribe princess.  She was brave enough to take the risk.  Their love story was one of those against all odds relationships meant to teach people this lesson: that maybe,  your perception of what’s acceptable or not can change when you walk another person’s path.  That maybe, love is truly powerful enough to transcend all understanding.  And maybe one can only experience love when trust takes place.

Riding a Bicycle

When I was a child, my parents bought me a bicycle.  My dad had his own adult bicycle but I didn’t learn to ride at the young age of seven.  I settled with the toy bicycle I had because I couldn’t control the big one, though some girls my age can manage.  My dad tried to teach me many times but for some reason, I get afraid when he lets go.  It’s not that I didn’t trust my dad back then ( I may have not even understood the word yet)… I was just afraid.

Maybe you have your own sets of fears, as a child or even as grown ups.  For me as a child, it may be learning new things without my dad to catch me like riding that bicycle.  As a grown up, it may be to let go of something or someone dear to me.  In relation to this, I have come to an assumption that to fear is not to trust.   Trust is inevitable to thrive, and to survive.  Trust is needed not just in the presence of your guide but in absence of control, not just in embracing but also in letting go.

Trust and Love

I actually don’t know how to end this post.. what I know is that I am still learning about trust, and how deeply connected it is with love.  I mentioned that trust is the anchor of any kinds of relationship but how much you give it may depend on how much you love a person.  Trusting someone expresses unselfishness, bestows freedom, and gives confidence.  All are manifestations of love.

Love speaks daily, often as answers to to questions of trust which are subtle and sometimes unnoticed.

Will you let me take care of the job?

Will you allow me to go out with friends tonight?

Will you watch the house while we’re away?

Will you wait here until I come back?

Will you proceed without knowing all the details?

Will you let go of thoughts of the future?

Will you just live for today?  

Will you enjoy my presence this very minute?


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3 thoughts on “To Trust Him is to Love Him (Part 2)

  1. I agree that trust must come first before love. If lovers doesn’t have a foundation built on trust and temptation comes in, that could ruin it all. Nice write up, I have not read the first part but promise to do so. 🙂

    1. Nice to hear from you Joycelyn. 🙂 I actually felt bitin with the write up, still learning about trust and there might be a part 3 😉

      1. Looking forward for part 3 then 🙂

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