Fashion Must Haves for Men

I get approached a lot by guy friends in choosing what clothes to wear for various occasions.  I’m no expert, but I enjoy shopping with them to pick outfits for dates or simple office attires.  Hence, I was encourage to post something for the men.. and at least I can point to them this blog link so that I won’t need to repeat myself again and again 😛

It`s hard for guys to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion so the best advice is to stick with the classics.  If you have basic fashion must haves for men, you can work on many styles that fits your personality and the occasion.  More than that, you won`t spend a fortune on buying new items from time to time.  I know what a drag can shopping be for men, so these must haves are easy to be found.

Linen Jackets

One of the classic must haves is the linen jacket. It comes in all shapes and sizes and it gives a classy look to your fashion style. The great thing about a linen jacket is that it goes well with a pair of jeans as well as with a pair of slacks.  Wear them on top of printed t-shirts, a cotton shirt for the more casual look or a buttoned polo for more formal occasions. If you’re more experimental in fashion, try other colors of jackets like blue or pink than the usual black or grey. The ones below are available on

ebay jackets

Your outfit won` t be complete without a wrist watch. There is nothing more masculine than picking a big, classy wrist watch. It is also a symbol of confidence so make sure you choose a great wrist watch as an accessory because it goes well with both casual clothes as well as formal attire. Check out these Puma Fusion (Php3450) and Mossimo watches (Php5580) on sale at Zalora.



Jeans will never go out of style so browse the shops for the latest styles in terms of jeans. You can also pick a cool sweater with or without a print or one that has a funny motto or text. They are still trendy and allows you to have a more personalized style. If you’re going out on a date with your girl, wearing this t-shirt from Bench would make her say out loud something you’d like to hear.

Bench t-shirt

Why don`t you try to have a leather wallet? It looks really manly, really old school and it also lasts longer than your typical wallet.  And yes, we ladies care to see your wallets whenever you pick them out of your pockets.  It doesn’t matter if it’s filled with paper bills in it but your choice of a wallet says a lot if you take care of details.

Fossil Wallets

Before you leave the house with your brand new clothes don`t forget your sunglasses. Try something new and pick a colored frame.  This is the trend and guys who looks cool in shades (well, for me) really rocks. Why not try this sunglasses from Ray-Ban?


Of course, pull everything together with your confidence and flash a sincere smile.  Hope you enjoy looking good and realize how this can help you feel good in the inside, too 😛 More fashion posts soon!- Flaring Felicity

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