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Favorite Local Makeup Brands in Manila

So you love cosmetics, but would like to keep your purchases within budget.  I think we’ll get along!   Yes, we can choose to save up and consider buying local brands.   You’ll stay pretty and support our fellow Filipinos at the same time, right?

I’m sharing my personal list of local makeup brands in Manila which I have tried.  I’m also naming some of my favorite products under each.  Hope it helps, and if it does, post your comment or share this post!

  1. Fashion 21


Fine blush and loose powder are my personal top choices from this brand. These give me the right coverage and blush for my face whenever I want to go out with a fresh look.




Fashion 21 Cosmetics was introduced in 1985 to the Philippine market by the late Mr. Mariano T. Ngo, the father of company president Edmon S. Ngo. At this time, Mariano and his wife already launched Aido Cosmetics during the early 70’s.

Last 2004, it was registered under the Business Name Cosmetics Revelation Corporation (CosRev) . Fashion 21 products are currently distributed to 65 outlets nationwide. The company hopes to continuously expand and pursue to be among the top 3 cosmetics brands in the country.


2. HBC’s San San cosmetics

San-san cosmetics are being sold at HBC stores in Manila.  Whenever I visit, I grab one of their hydrating lipstick, Number 5 is my favorite shade ❤ !  I also like Sansan’s liquid base makeup  and trio palette eye shadow.  And oh, if you want an alternative for your usual nail polish, Sansan has a rich texture and a lasting effect that you’ll love.



HBC started with only six inherited stores from Dr. Rolando’s Hortaleza’s parents. Dr. Rolando and his wife Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza  was in the starting phase of their manufacturing firm when they’ve decided to add one more store and renamed it as hbc or Hortaleza Beauty Center. The stores initially started by selling nail care products like cuticle remover and nail polish to freelance manicuristas.  

In 2002, hbc launched its own brands called Beauty Exclusives. Today, they are a multi-billion company ranking among the top 700 corporations in the Philippines.  The company has acquired SaveMore Drug in 2011 adding to its 200 stores nationwide.


3.  Nichido

They say mothers know best, and during my early teen years I remember my mom guiding me to the stores to get my Nichido makeup.  It was her first choice and I happened to love it, too.  I like everything they have – foundation, blush, eye makeup and lipstick.  My most favorite items are their cheek mousse, eye pencils and eyelash defining mascara.



Nichido is a brand under Goldline Cosmetics Manufacturing Corporation established in year 2010 and based today in Caloocan city.  This research and development company manufactures colored cosmetics,  personal care products and fragrances.

Some products I like under Ever Bilena are  their bb cream, dip liner (an essential in my kikay kit) and eye pencil.  By the way, the brand also has a cosmetic line for teens called Careline.



Ever Bilena started the company by selling nail polish in 1983 as a single proprietorship by Dioceldo Sy. By 1985, it has grown into a full cosmetic line with more than 200 beauty consultants in department stores nationwide. It currently has 1000 cosmetic products in the market today.


5. Human Nature

Where do I start?  My make-up pouch is filled with items from this brand!  My favorite would be their lip products.  Since the ingredients are natural, I feel the difference compared with previous brands I used and ditched (the old brand I use had good colors but makes my lips dry 😦 ) .  I’ve also been using their rose dew mist as a make up setting spray since I discovered it.



Human Nature or Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. is the only brand in the Philippines accredited by the Natural Products Association. Last October 2016, they made history by becoming the first Asian brand to win the Sustainability Pioneer Award at the 3rd Sustainable Beauty Awards.


Want more makeup reviews? I’ll do more posts in 2017!  

For now, check my sister’s blog and make-up tutorials.


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