Gift of Wellness from Tena-Healthway

Hello Flaring Felicity Friends! Guess what? It’s seven weeks before Christmas.  For shopaholics like me, that means we should be ready with our gift list by now (to make sure everything fits your budget, or at least won’t exceed much because girls are most likely to spend more).  Hence, I’m devoting Sundays til December 25 to write about various gift ideas.  Feel free to send me your product suggestions I can post,too! Just email me via

Gift1 Wellness

First up for this week is a Gift of Wellness for our Grandma and Grandpa. The gift of wellness comes in understanding our elders’ most delicate needs. TENA offers a wide range of adult diapers with unique features to meet all their incontinence needs, which ultimately allows them to enjoy the best of life.

With the strengthened partnership of TENA and Healthway Medical, which is now on its 3rd year, our loved ones in their senior years can receive more wellness gifts. A free Healthway Wellness Card can be found in specially marked TENA adult diapers. The card entitles elders to enjoy discounts on selected dental procedures, dentures, laboratory imaging and diagnostic services, plus free cataract screening and consultation with a Primary Care Physician. All they need to do is present the card in any Healthway Medical Clinic.

And of course, family members who take care of the elders will also get presents, as they deserve to be rewarded too. Specifically, they’ll receive discounts on selected dental procedures, Intense Diamond Peel, laboratory imaging and diagnostics services, and free consultations with a dermatologist and Primary Care Physician. As the season of gift giving fast approaches, elders can expect to receive one of the greatest gifts of all. And that’s an improved over-all wellness, courtesy of TENA and Healthway Medical.

For more info, log on to and or call the Healthway Medical Clinic customer care hotline at 02-7514929 or SCA Hygiene Products Corp. Philippines at 02-5562405.


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