Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims in Leyte

Three years ago, I visited the province of Leyte in the Philippines and fell in love with the place.  Aside from the parks that I’ve been to, I enjoyed the view of the beach by the road and the warm welcome I received from the local residents.

Photos above were taken from my phone April 2010. I had short hair then and had no fashion sense but decided to post them anyway to convey how much I love the place. Just view each photo for description.

If you are  a traveler by heart, you know how much a place you have stayed marks a certain memory that you  will not forget. I stayed in Tacloban and Maasin in Leyte for a few days; thus I felt somehow connected when I heard the news that these are the towns mostly affected by the Typhoon Haiyan.  I felt compassion when I saw the plights of the families affected by the storm surge and  saddened with the thought that the tourist sites I’ve been to had been washed out.

This is a glimpse of Leyte after Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines..


Photo source:

Video source: CNN News on Typhoon Haiyan destruction in the Philippines


Would you like to help Typhoon Haiyan victims in Leyte?

I am currently an advocate of safe and decent shelter as a fundraiser of Habitat for Humanity Philippines and I am inviting you to Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims in Leyte through supporting its Re-build Philippines campaign.  This blog post is my little way to promote their efforts.

There are many local and international non-government organization doing relief operations to address the immediate needs of the victims like food and clothing, but Habitat’s response is through providing 30,000 families with shelter repair kits to re-build their houses. Supporting Habitat means that you are helping for a longer term in the rehabilitation of the families lives and the city.   Habitat Philippines will also be working alongside the government to build temporary shelters for the evacuees. The recent count of on the number of families who flee their homes is 800,000 – which means a lot of work.

I encourage you to click this link: to donate online to Habitat.  Your donation will go a long way. You can also view the poster below on other means to send your help.


For more information about Habitat for Humanity in the Philippines, visit or email

P.S If you came across this blog post, please take a few seconds to pause in prayer for the Philippines. We have been hit by man-made and natural disasters over the past months and we need miracles to recover.


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