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That Special Gift of Time


Why not give someone the gift of time this Christmas? I’m glad to have received this early gift from friends and it made me feel special. The girl in the photo with me is my friend Nani.  We used to be workmates and dorm-mates but even if we now go to different offices and separate apartments (1-hours away from Quezon City to Makati) , distance just can’t stop us from updating one another of what’s going on in our lives.  If the afternoon or the evening would be too busy, why not meet for breakfast?   I’m always grateful of how she can find ways.

What I also love about my friend, apart from making time for me, is how I feel her full attention to listen to my stories apart from her presence. Now that gift, is priceless. And I’m reminded of how I should share that gift to others, too. 🙂


Now my backpacker friends Ruby, Jaime and Valeria came straight from their flight from Palawan to Makati to meet me and Nani.  We spent dinner and videoke before they had to travel back to the US around 3am! “Time flies when you’re having fun”, said Ruby. They didn’t mind exhaustion from their travel and aren’t worried about their early flight either.

Likewise, I felt happy being able to make time to entertain them and enjoy their company, even if I had to give up my beauty sleep for the night. I gained more than I gave and it was worthwhile. (Hi guys! Hope you had a safe trip!)


I hear many people say that we can’t create time – every one is given only 24 hours in a day.  But we can always choose to make time and create space for friends, family, or the things that we love doing.  And people will truly appreciate it when you do.

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