Books on My Gift Suggestion List

It’s the first of December and you may be doing your Christmas shopping now!  Why not hit the bookstore and browse from the shelves what you can give to your family and friends? I saw some gift suggestions from the shelves of National Bookstore.


Our Q&A a day journal is something interesting for you to give newly wed couples! Add spice to their relationship by encouraging them to write down their thoughts about fun questions in the journal such as “What does your partner’s laughter sound like” and “Where would you love to travel together” . This is an effective three-year time capsule that they can always go back to compare their views over the years!


For your foodie friends, give them a treat from Philippine Tatler‘s list on the Best Restaurants in the country.  Let them hop into 2014 with this guide on where to go for awesome dining experiences.  Maybe they’ll take you with them,too! 😉


We always include in our New Year’s resolution to learn a new skill.  If painting is on your friend’s list, this one is a must buy. I’m sure they’d be interested to begin with landscapes!

2Yes, there is a Chicken Soup For the Soul, made especially for writers and bloggers like me.  Chicken Soup for the Soul- Inspiration for Writers has 101 success stories on how writers turned their dreams into reality. This is an inspiring read if you need new ideas on what to write and how to get your message across this 2014.

Need More Gift Suggestions? Click this links: Wellness, Time, Charity


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