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My Top Restaurant Picks

Here’s my most awaited Restaurant Picks for the Year! 2013 A recap of food trips which I enjoyed the most in time for Christmas and New Year.  What makes the dining experience awesome, you ask?  For me it’s a combination of the quality of food, service, restaurant ambiance and value for money.  Here are my favorite restaurant discoveries.  I’ll definitely go back to each of them!

**Filipino Dining**

1. Mangan serves the best kare-kare for me!  Aside from going to the place to for a hearty sinigang soup, they also serve my craving for favorite Filipino Christmas delicacies puto bumbong and bibingka year round.

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2. I highly recommend Recipes for large gatherings or family treats because of the affordable yet quality choices. For my last visit spent with friends, we ordered lumpiang shanghai, sinigang, kare-kare and crispy pata good for five and we paid only about 300 pesos per head. The meal was sumptious and filling.

3. I appreciate my dining experience at Crisostomo, in their Resorts World branch.  Trying their laing pizza was chicken diablo was memorable, I can still remember how they tasted!  Waiters and waitresses were wearing barong and baro’t saya (Filipinina costumes) and they were lovely to see.

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4. Did I tell you that I love laing? It’s made of a vegetable root crop, and it’s an obvious favorite since I ordered laing pizza at Crisostomo.  This year, Floring delivered to our office via their grilled chicken served with Filipino vegetble favorites like pinakbet and laing and we loved it!

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**Asian Cuisine**

5. I enjoyed Jasmine Restaurant’s gastronomic food and wine three times this year.  You’ll definitely be coming back at New World Hotel Makati for their cantonese dishes.  Try inviting your sweetheart for a dimsum lunch buffet or opt for a romantic dinner date.

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6.  If you’re from Makati, you’ve probably heard about Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo.  This is the best stop if you’re craving for Japanese food. The first restaurant I visited to try some okonomi-yaki was Kagura. Okonomi-yaki tasted great! I’ll definitely try the other restaurants in Little Tokyo this 2014 and see what they have to offer.

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**Western Cuisine**

7. Cafe Mary Grace has the most homey and cozy interior among all the restaurants in this list. You’d love their baked goodies! And although their main dishes are Western, your Favorite Filipino breakfasts like tapa and vigan longganisa are also on the menu.

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8. I wish I had discovered Bizu Patisserie and Bistro earlier because I was captivated with taste of everything I ordered when I went there for a delectable dinner. Like Mary Grace, they serve cakes, French pastries, coffee and tea but they have more rice dishes and main entree on the menu.

9. Kitchen at Greenbelt 3 is where I tasted the most decadent cake called “Sweet Nothing” to cap my light yet sumptuous meal.  Kitchen serves pastas and sandwiches.  Their refreshing drinks are a must try, too!

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10. Cafe Breton serves my appetite for sandwiches and crepes, may it be sweet or savory.  I always choose the place when I meet friends to chat, also because of its creative interior.

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Thanks for all the friends who joined me for lunch and dinner dates in these places!  I look forward to more healthy, fun and filling food adventures for 2014!  Now for my top restaurant choice this year, it goes to..

Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt! Aside from their happy hour where we enjoyed cocktail drinks at P80 from 12nn to 8pm, they also serve affordable and delicious lunch meals.

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Cheers! – Flaring Felicity


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