Christmas 2013, Trinkets of Treasures

New Friendships 2013

Hi there!  How are  you spending the holidays so far? Before you get busy with your plans for the day and preparing for Christmas eve, I just want to say I’m glad to have met you this 2013! You being tagged in this post means that you have a photo in here somewhere — and that I’m wishing you a joyful Christmas and a bountiful 2014!

Work Colleagues – photo by Alex De Vera Dizon

I thank God for blessing me with office mates who made work-life more fun. Regards to my Marketing and Communications colleagues who have worked extra miles after Yolanda hit the Visayas; and my team mates in Mass Marketing Stewart, Renz, Mikko, Leo, Israel, Heidi, Mhac and Marianne.  Special thanks to my lunch buddies and chikka-mates Kath Lozada, Frela Pancho, Noel Balana and Malvin Oronce for moments of stress debriefing, love life advice and encouragements.

Ruby, Valeria and Jaime at CBTL Manila
Ruby, Valeria and Jaime at CBTL Manila

I’m grateful for the short yet fun and meaningful time I have spent with friends from the United States. Holo como estas amigo and amigas! I look forward to visiting Mexico in the future and seeing you all again. Maybe I’ll bring Nani again to sing our favorite karaoke songs!

Meeting friends from Hangout Club was a refreshing experience. Thank you Sam Sanchez and Nicole Mayo for introducing me to the group. Kudos to my co-organizers for the recent Christmas event Bernard, Joy, Nick, Allan and my new found girl buddies Marian and Katie.

One of my most memorable experiences this 2013 was meeting these guys with the same passion in music and worship.  I’m glad to have spent our outreach activity in Pangasinan with Jay, Ezekiel, Homer, Aldrin, Ron, Glyndon, Jez and Jethro. ‘Til our next get together!

I’m saying hi to my movie and jogging buddies from VCF Makati, too! Don’t have photos with you ladies yet but I’ll make sure to shoot pics next year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year again to each of you and your families! – Jonah C.

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