Every day is not as colorful and joyful as Christmas. But once in a year, Christians have to pause and celebrate the day when our Saviour was born. Memories of today’s celebration is something we carry with us through out the year to remind us that we are loved, saved and freed.

Waking up this Christmas morning was wonderful for me, because I was welcomed with two things I love and draws me closer to God: nature and music.  Whenever I feel distant with Him, nature and music reminds me that the feeling of being apart doesn’t mean the absence of His love.  He just wants me to pursue Him again and relive the intimacy we have – He graces me with His splendor through the sky, the wind, the trees and green grass.. and I respond in worship through a thankful heart, notes, music and singing.  

Your love, O’ Lord carries me through… lifts my eyes to focus on you.

Your love, O’ Lord, carries me through.. makes me sing and worship you.

This is how I love, this is how I remember.

This is how I love, this is how I remember.

– Flaring Felicity


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