Don’t Miss It

Account of My 2013 Milestones

I traveled the second time to Cebu last January 2013 to enjoy their local festival with office mates.  We were there for a business trip but got to enjoy side tours.  Thank God I’m able to balance work and leisure! I always find ways to appreciate my surroundings whenever I’m deployed in a distant town, even if it would mean going out early morning before work or late at night just to get a glimpse of the city. I just don’t want to miss a chance of landing off a town via plane without having to visit nearby attractions.

Random photos from Cebu City travel January 2013
Random photos from Cebu City travel January 2013

From this tour in Cebu, I learned the value of communication and discipline in leadership. Instructions and corrections can be perceived differently depending on how you say it.  I learned the value of every minute when we missed our flight from Cebu to Manila.  Those were some expensive re-booking fees which I had to shoulder for me and my team through my credit card for being a few minutes late.  Worse, I had to wait for the last flight and let them go ahead to board the plane before me. I felt that moment of being alone which a leader had to go through considering the welfare of his colleagues first. I don’t want to miss another flight ever again.

This year is also one of the few, and maybe the only year I could remember missing my mom’s birthday.  I was in that business trip to Cebu when my heart really longs to treat my Nanay for some vacation.  Of course, she understands and does not demand to leave my duties at work.  But situations like this when I feel you don’t have a choice urges me to seek an environment where I can always choose to be with my family.  Occasions as special as this comes only once a year and it’s something I don’t want to miss.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss It

  1. Love it to recall the trip we had and it makes me laugh because it is still vivid on my mind when we missed our flight.

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