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Account of My 2013 Milestones (Part 2)

I submitted my resignation letter to my former employer last week of January and entered the world of early February while searching for my next workplace. I was excited to take on writing jobs from abroad!  I had clients from Afghanistan, Australia and Pakistan and had offers even from UK and Singapore. I enjoyed article writing about various topics such as health, relationship and immigration. Earning extra from the job was just a bonus since I also expanded my knowledge.

It is through where I also met Sam Sanchez and Nicole Mayo, real-life sweethearts and organizers of a speed dating event in Metro Manila. I didn’t get hired to provide them with my services, but they got me to attend a speed dating event sometime August this year. Speaking of dating, perhaps you’re asking how my Valentine’s Day went last February 14. Maybe I’ll have a separate post for that because that date was when my love story with my present boyfriend JL De Castro began. By the way my friends, my relationship with this guy is one of the biggest milestones for me this 2013!

Invitations to cover events in my blog also poured in, thanks to my friends and mentors Nonoy and Ruth Floresca. Some events I enjoyed the most this year are Art Fair Philippines at The Link, food and wine tasting event at New World Hotel, Anthony Morato’s Fashion Show and St. Nails Spa’s Anniversary Treat for Bloggers.  I look forward to joining more events this 2014.

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***Happy New Year***



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