Another New Year

Chinese New Year

Aren’t you glad we can celebrate more than one New Year?  Just before the excitement of January fades, we’re greeted with another day we can regard as a symbol of hope and new beginning.

How was 2014 for you so far? January, for me, was swift! And packed!

Since it’s the first month of the year, I can remember putting my best efforts in things that I do – including diet, exercise. I was able to jog around Ayala Triangle for at least two nights and kept my once-a week zumba routine.

I remember coming to the office at 7:30am during the first working day of the month!  I had the same zeal in most days, but I also experienced quick burn outs and lack of interest at some points.

Some in my bucket list of things to do were accomplished, and some not. Oh well, I guess we just carry them over to be done the next months, right?

Here’s one thing I’m not so happy about: I was supposed to launch January 2. It’s January 30 now and it’s not yet up.  Some technical stuff just takes time, I guess.  My creative spirit hasn’t been inspired to recently write as well.

But I’m still thankful because it could have been more difficult if I’ll do the site transfer alone.  My brother is assisting me with the creative stuff, and my sister is also giving me advice.  (By the way, they’re younger than I am but their blogs has more traffic! Visit I’m enjoying the process.

Just hold on there, will you?

I’m sure God is up to something better when things doesn’t mean our ‘timeline’ and expectations. The same as how I’m taking longer to launch the blog. 😉

Have a great day!


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