Deleting the Blog


My Dilemma

I’ve been restless since January trying to figure out how I’ll move to my own blog domain and keep the following I have in my existing wordpress site.  It’s a risk of starting back to zero.

I’m coming to another desperate point of just abandoning my blogging career and the two sites.  I’m wondering if some of my readers,  who are bloggers like me has experienced this.  If you do, I would love to hear from you.  I know I have lost track in keeping in touch with followers for a long time, they are people who inspire me with their great works.  It would be a nice time to get in touch with  you again. 

After two years of blogging, I realized that I still have a lot more to learn.  I haven’t maximized yet the potential of this site but I’m willing to adopt to changes.  I recently encountered an article saying that blogging is a dying trend. Instead of reading blog posts, people are now shifting to watching videos and mobile apps.  Those who succeed are those who comes first, and in both blogging and coming up with my own youtube channel, I’m just left behind.  Is it still worth it to invest time and effort on this? #needencouragement 

Real Life

You may have had the same experience in life coming to a point of letting go of what you have to pursue another opportunity: a new job, a new relationship, a new residence.  Moving on to embrace the new require us to step away and leave some things behind.

Sometimes dreams or goals take a long time before it comes into fruition.  When do you decide to just abandon what you have established and take a leap forward to a new pursuit?

Merging the Old and the New

I believe all experiences we have in life has a purpose.  I can always retrieve situations I’ve gone through from the past and use it in the present – whether to encourage a friend, or to decide on a situation.  We learn from everything that we do.  We try to improve on the old things to adapt with the new trends.

I have a secret to share.  Aside from the three blogs I’m now maintaining, I still write my personal diary on pen and paper.  So I’m not sure I can stop from years of blogging just like that.  Hey, did you start with friendster blogs like me?

Reflecting earlier today, I’ve decided not to shut down this site and keep it. Doing so is also a risk, but I want to keep you. I’ll just put in content for a separate specific target audience for my other site for now.    I don’t know what to do with it yet but I’m looking forward for ideas to come soon.  Maybe you can help by giving your suggestion?

Blogging still,



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