Summer Adventure at Paoay Sand Dunes

It’s summer here in the Philippines!  

Paoay Sand Dunes opened our getaway with a blast!!  It is so far the most exciting adventure I tried in my entire life (the one I can tolerate aside from zip lines and nerve wrecking roller coaster rides).  I want to do this over and over again.


The entrance banner and front view of Paoay Sand Dunes didn’t look enticing for us at first.  We arrived there at the height of the sun around 10am and it was HOT!.  ”Manong Drivers” weren’t convincing enough for all 10 ladies to say YES for the trip, too.  We thought that the adventure was expensive but we all felt after the experience that it was WORTH IT.

We were offered a trip plus sand boarding at 500 pesos at first; but we’re glad they agreed to just let us ride their 4×4 vehicles with their usual 30-minute trip offer, less the sand boarding at a lower cost.   Thanks for our Ilocana friend who haggled for us.  TIP: Be sure to bring one Ilokano speaking friend when you travel hehe.


I captured a short video riding at the back of our vehicle while moving and going up and down the slopes.  It doesn’t show much of the view around but will give you a feel of how the experience is. You may view these on Flaring Felicity’s facebook page and Instagram (see side bar of this blog)

WATCH OUT for a YouTube Channel where you can view videos for the blog SOON!

3jump shot

If you think all you will see at Paoay Sand Dunes are sands and stones, you are wrong.  Brace yourself for a breathtaking view of the beach.  As the saying goes, a beautiful scenery awaits after the long journey. Please prepare your cameras for the jump shots!


I’ll be back at Paoay Sand Dunes for sandboarding soon!! let me know when you plan to visit the place.  See you XD

Check out Paoay Sand Dunes on Facebook here


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