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Herencia Restaurant, Ilocos Norte

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After visiting the Sand Dunes of Paoay, and stopping to grab The Sister’s Royal Bibingka, we are visiting Herencia Restaurant to taste some Ilokano food. Note to foreign readers: The locals of Ilocos Norte are called “Ilokano”

herencia full

Herencia Restaurant  is a few steps away from the famous Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte (watch out for our next post!).  My friends and I went to the restaurant to park and ordered lunch first before we went to see the church.  This way, we saved time and got to do our other itineraries for the day including shopping for pasalubong.  There are stalls beside Herencia Restaurant where you can buy some native delicacies and souvenirs such as handicrafts and t-shirts.

herencia restaurant

Your Herencia Restaurant experience will not be complete without ordering their best sellers.  Hence, we tried pinakbet pizza (upper left photo), bagnet (upper right), pork sinigang and poque-poque (Ilocos version of ensaladang talong, bottom photo).  All of these tastes good and can satisfy a traveller’s hunger.


The ambiance inside the restaurant is accommodating and vintage.  There are native delicacies which you can buy as pasalubong, too.  We suggest that you make an early reservation before going toHerencia Restaurant weekends because tourists are lined up in the place especially during summer.

Click here for Herencia Cafe Menu

Click here for more photos from our referred blog post 



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