Ilocos Adventure: Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation in the town of Burgos is our next stop for our Ilocos Norte Adventure.  Kapurpurawan came from the Ilokano (local Filipino dialect) word “puraw” meaning white.  The site is included in the Philippines Top 10 Gems according to

Posing by the rock

Travel tips: Best to wear your rubber shoes and shades, prepare for a long walk.  Go there in the morning, and bring your jacket too. Wind from the beach is cold even on a summer. Tag along some friends and don’t forget your camera!

Kapurpurawan White Rock formation appealed to my western dreams of going to the grand canyons. I was awed with the sceneries that welcomed my eyes when I visited the place in Ilocos Norte.  If the treck to Kaibigan falls (check our previous blog post) gave you a glimpse of the Hacienda life, trailing Kapurpurawan will make you feel like a cowboy –  seeing horses around, various rock formations and the sand from the nearby beach.


I captured some pictures from my IPhone and posted a video on my facebook page.  Enjoy and send us a message if you’re visiting Ilocos Norte, Philippines soon!!


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