Ilocos Norte Adventure: Kaibigan Falls

Kaibigan Falls

Kaibigan Falls is a must visit destination you shouldn’t miss in Ilocos Norte!

From the beaches of Pagudpud, we took a 15 minute tricycle ride to start trecking the falls.  We thought that it wouldn’t be a long hike, so most of my friends including myself was not properly attired.  I thought we can be in our swimsuits and slippers to get ready to swim,  but it turned out we had to walk 30 minutes to reach to the falls.

Pagudpud at last!

Trecking to Kaibigan Falls

On our way to Kaibiga Falls

Stop Over

The view around us was AWESOME.. from the green fields, the streams, the trees, to the sky.  The path was just like the sceneries I see in the movies with hacienda settings.  Local residents sell snacks and drinks along the way, be sure to stock up when you pass by one because you would need energy for the hike.

Kaibigan Falls

We did not feel tired at all, and the long walk was WORTH IT when we reached the falls. The cool water was waiting for us to dive in it!  The area was also private and was exclusive for us when we arrived.

Yesm we took photos of us in our bikinis here.  But I’d rather not post them for now :3


After taking a dip, we took a carabao ride back home.

Kaibigan Falls_Going Home

Carabao Ride Home

Directions to Kaibigan Falls, Ilocos Norte

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