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A Letter to John

road photo

“I’m glad you followed me.”  My eyes brightened and welled up in tears when John searched for me.  It’s surprising to me how he was able to catch-up, knowing that a goal seeker like me can run fast.  I guess he found the courage to travel miles along the road to unknown.  I wonder if his wings are no longer broken.

 Walk with me.”  I said yes to John-the-familiar’s call despite my hesitations.   I can only be as brave as the man who asks of my heart; and that night he asked me to be his beloved with no fear in his eyes.  I felt hope, and peace, and strengthened with the courage to take risks. The pot of flower he still takes with him was a sign that he values the gift that we had, and all the more he would want to make it grow.  I wanted to give it a chance to live, too.

“It has been seven days.  We still have a far distance to travel.”  He noticed the days passing, and I admit I forgot to count.  I was so thrilled with the journey, and got my sight fixed on wanting to please my companion.

The road wasn’t smooth, strong winds and rain also passed.  But I only saw budding roses, rainbows and greens.  I took pictures of good memories in the present, and became resilient when I encounter a bad one. There are times I worry about our destination, but John often reminded me that this is secure.

“I’m surprised you were counting John.”  I said these words because I felt that he changed.  He seldom talks about his destination, and now it seems that he remembers. There was a serious look on his face. Is it something I said?

Alas I noticed that in front of us lies a crossroad.  On my right was the setting sun and I knew his silence meant that he wants to go elsewhere.  He broke his silence and says he wanted to travel alone.

Can two walk together, unless they agreed?

To be continued.

(Read part 1 here)



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