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Filipino Food at Nid’s Binalot

Nids 4
Meals at Nid’s Binalot are served wrapped in banana leaves

Nid’s Binalot is my most recommended food destination whenever in my hometown, Calamba Laguna Philippines. The restaurant is famous for native dishes wrapped in banana leaves, thus the name “binalot” which means “wrapped” in Filipino.

There are many choices at Nid’s Binalot, my favorite is the traditional adobo (chicken or pork marinated in soy sauce and vinegar) which comes with atsara (unripe papaya pickle).  This dish , as well as other native viands (pinoy beef steak, kaldereta, bicol express, boneless bangus, liempo) are priced affordably at less than a hundred pesos. Your favorite silog meals (rice, viand with fried up egg), lugaw and pancit are also available.

Filipino drinks and deserts are also available at Nid’s Binalot.  During my last visit, I tasted their refreshing sago’t gulaman (sugar based drink made of tapioca pearls, gelly and vanilla extract)  offered for less than thirty pesos.  Nid’s will also satisfy your sweet cravings for other local deserts such as leche flan, halo halo, and ube halaya.  Don’t forget to take home their specialty cassava cake.

Nid's Chicken Adobo
Nid’s Chicken Adobo


sago at gulaman
Nid’s sago at gulaman

Click here for adobo  and sago at gulaman recipes

You can also expect a warm ambiance in Nid’s branches, and you can boast of not just the food but its Filipino interior among your tourist friends.

Here are their branches in Calamba City, Laguna:

* Sm City, Calamba Laguna

* National Highway, Crossing Calamba Laguna

* National Highway, Barangay Pansol Calamba

* Paciano, Calamba City

 They have recently branched out in malls in Metro Manila, too.  Click her for all their branches.  We also took photos of the menu for you.

Flaring Felicity’s ratings for Nid’s Binalot (5 as the highest):

Food / Taste= 4, Variety = 5, Price = 5, Ambiance = 4

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1 thought on “Filipino Food at Nid’s Binalot”

  1. I’ve had a bad experience with Timog Caltex branch naman. Bad service from this supervisor Sonya Dase. I phoned in for a delivery to our condo which is just in front of their store. This Sonya Dase answered the call, got the order and finally asked how much change they should bring in which I answered. And then she told me that they will call me again once its ready to be delivered so i can come down to the lobby and pick up the order. I said I won’t have to go down cause the guard usually takes it up to the room. And then she said, “ay edi manghihintay pa yung nagdeliver sa lobby ng bayad?” I said yes cause that’s really how it goes in this condo. She just cheekily said “pwede go bang ikaw nalang ang bumaba para mabilis nalang at hindi na mag antay yung nagdeliver ng matagal para makabalik agad dito” I’m fazed at her nerve on the tone on how she uttered those words. I mean, it felt like she was the one ordering me to do things for them? I hope I could find the contact number of main office so I could talk to someone about this. If anyone knows, could you be kind enough to drop us an email it would be much appreciated

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