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Cosplay Conventions: What to Do

My sister Aki as herself, my brother Joey as Jack frost, and me as Elsa.
My sister Aki as herself, my brother Joey as Jack frost, and me as Elsa.

Have you been invited to a cosplay event and wonder how you can make the most out of it? If you are a fan of animation and computer games, you should try and go some time. So what do you do when your friend, or maybe your son or daughter invites you to attend one?

1. Come in costume!
Cosplay conventions are not complete without attendees dressed up as their favorite character. You can get your costumes in several ways: buy ready-made ones, check vintage stores for similar looking pieces, borrow from a friend or if you’re creative enough, sew your own.

My sister happened to be a creative genius, she crafts cosplay accessories and has several costume ideas. She’s the one who made my Elsa costume, and the Anna (Fire Emblem) costume below. Visit her website

Ok, now you know who we are :)
Ok, now you know who we are :)

Now if you can’t come in complete costume, wear head-dresses (like the panda-cap one my brother is wearing in this photo) or any unique and attention getting accessories (big eye-glasses, afro wig, Lolita skirt, etc.) Or.. if there’s nothing fancy with your wardrobe (just like me up there), carry a big smile with you and a positive attitude! :D

2. Bring your camera.
If you don’t want to be the center of attention, you can attend cosplay conventions as a photographer. No, you do not need a professional DSLR. Cosplayers in the venue will pause and pose whenever you bring out your camera, even your phone and tablet.

Remember to be polite, and ask permission especially when they’re talking with companions, eating or resting. When they are ready, they will strike a pose and do their thing even when you don’t ask them to.

3. Visit booths and buy items.
Cosplay conventions also highlight selling of collectible items in various booths within the venue. Cosplay conventions gather not just cosplayers but collectors of novelty items (comics, miniature or life-size characters, toys, and VCDs). Aside from these, what I look out for are booths printing customized t-shirts of my favorite anime characters on it, wigs and Lolita dresses, make-up and many others.

For schedules of cosplay events in Manila please visit


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