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Recipes by Cafe Metro, Greenbelt

Recipes by Cafe Metro serves a variety of satisfying Filipino food. Whenever I have gatherings with friends in Greenbelt 3, this is one of my most recommended places to dine. I love the restaurant so much , it is even included in my article Top Restaurant Picks in 2013.

If you’re looking at what to order, I featured here my most favorite dishes from Recipes by Cafe Metro.  You’ll never go wrong with these on your date!

Recipes Kare-Kare
Kare-kare (Filipino stew in peanut sauce) is good for two at P368.00


Recipes Lumpia
Thai Spring Rolls is P138 per order, a serving has three spring rolls


Pork Sinigang (sour soup) P255, there's also Sinigang na Bangus (milkfisk)
Pork Sinigang (sour soup) P255, there’s also Sinigang na Bangus (milkfish)


Bangus belly with mango relish is P190.

We recommended this combination so that there’s a variety of pork, beef, fish and vegetables in your group meal.  If you prefer chicken, Recipes’ chicken curry is good.  Their laing, gising gising and crispy tilapia escabeche are also a must try.  You may check complete menu here.

Flaring Felicity’s Restaurant Rating for Recipes by Cafe Metro (5 as the highest mark)

* food is 5(tastes really good and I like their serving sizes)

* variety on the menu is 4

* price is 5 (I can come up with a combination of orders with a P1,500 budget for serve 5 pax)

* ambiance and service is 5

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