Icebergs Ice Cream Favorites

What better way to bond with the siblings than sharing our favorite: ICE CREAM!!

Icebergs Group Pic
A family that eats ice cream together, takes selfies together… LOL

One day, we went to Icebergs SM Fairview to have deserts and discovered that the ice cream we order somehow reflects our character.  We knew each other so well that it was easy which ice cream we will take. Have you experienced this, too?

Icebergs 1

This is my brother’s choice.  I think they call it the strawberry rainbow treat – a sure hit for kids at heart.  A crepe is filled with strawberries, topped with strawberry ice cream and drizzled with mango and chocolate syrup like an art project.  My brother really loves strawberry and we knew he will order for this.  He is also messy, in a creative way!

kahlua double espresso

This is THE ONE for my sister –  kahlua double espresso.  There’s coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallows and wafer sticks – everything my sister likes! It was love at first sight for her when she saw this on the menu.  Oh well, good thing it isn’t in a Hello Kitty glass or else she could have took it home with her.

iceberg'g mango tango (1)

Caramel Flan con hielo

 Now this is MINE!!! I’m taking thhe caramel flan con hielo!  Sweet and healthy like yours truly – I love my bowl filled with mangoes, sweet banana, leche flan, crushed ice and vanilla ice cream.

How about you, what’s your favorite Iceberg desert?


Iceberg also offers sandwiches, salads, and rice meals.

Click here for Iceberg SM Fairview’s Menu


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