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Cafe Mary Grace: 1000 Peso Date Ideas


So you’d like to date your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, office-mate, (or whoever) somewhere near you.. and you happened to be in Makati.. and you’re on a budget?  Great! I have plenty of ideas for you.  I decided to come up with a series of blog posts which I call 1000-peso date ideas, for you to learn how you’ll be able to share memorable experiences spending only a little budget.  If you’ll only be creative, and resourceful, you’re sure to come up with a way to make him or her smile. Read on.


My first suggestion for your 1000 peso date idea is to take him or her to this place in Greenbelt 2: Cafe Mary Grace. I’ve written about the resto some time last year and I can’t help but mention Mary Grace again because I feel that the food and ambiance is just perfect for an intimate talk with your special someone (click here to read last year’s post)

Now, with your 1000 peso budget, here’s what you may order from the menu:

Here’s a summary of the bill for our Cafe Mary Grace selection above:

Perfect Salad and Pasta plate (comes with slice cake for the day) Php361

Pizza (we recommend margherita) Php440- Php476

Coffee Php79 – P155 per cup

Or a pitcher of Home-Made Tea Php246

Click here for Cafe Mary Grace Website and Menu

I’m sure you’ll get two thumbs up from your date with our food recommendations!  Remember to finish your meals slowly and fill your conversations with laughter.

Now aside from the food, it’s time to add a little romance.

You’ll also see that most glass tables at Cafe Mary Grace has notes written on tissue paper and stationery from those who dine in the place.  Why don’t you create one with your sweetheart?

Mary Grace

Photo Source:

You can also surprise your special someone by bringing a scrapbook with your photos from high school.  This can start some kind of “show and tell” while you finish your pizza.  If you don’t have any “props” on hand, tour your date to see the decors and display inside the restaurant.  There are many conversation pieces you can spot on!

Now, share with me if you stopped by Mary Grace after reading this blog.

Happy dating flaring feliciters! 


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