Revisiting Intramuros Manila

Revisiting Intramuros Manila is always on my top list when I need to reflect about life and go back to my roots.  I lived here for almost seventeen years thus the walls and streets had my childhood and teen memories.  Though I’m no longer staying in the place,  Intramuros is still one of my most favorite places in the world.

I enjoy going back to Intramuros  whenever I have free time alone, I always take with me either my notebook or sketch pad and fill it with lots of thoughts, doodles and prayers.  Most of the time, I ask for a friend to escort me too.

I’m sharing with you some photos I was able to capture from my camera during my recent visit.  I wrote personal notes in each of them which I hope you can check out, too.

Whenever I meet foreigners or friends from abroad, Intramuros Manila is the first tourist spot in Manila I recommend them to go to.  Note that I posted here only three destinations in Intramuros: Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral and Palacio del Gobernador.  There’s so much more to see like the San Agustin Church, Baluarte de San Diego and my most loved walls of Intramuros.

Source: David Robinson – YouTube

I recommend that you sign-up for the Intramuros Walking Tour packaged for local and international tourists.  Click here to learn more.

If you happened to be going soon, feel free to say hi and send me a comment 🙂


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    1. I forgot if I already replied but thanks again 🙂

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