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Kawaii in Manila 2: Event Photos

Kawaii in Manila 2, the first Kawaii convention in the Philippines was a blast!  Were you also part of this event?   Raise your hand if yes;  I must say me and my sister were one of the many Japanese culture enthusiasts here in the Philippines so we got our attendance checked!

Kawaii in Manila is the second event organized by Kawaii Philippines, a movement that promotes kawaii culture. Kawaii in Japanese means cute; but more than the expression it has now evolved into a lifestyle.

Anime, art, J-fashion, make-up, music and food were all in one place that day.  The convention was held at White Space Manila last September 6, 2014.  If you weren’t able to come at the Kawaii in Manila 2, let me give you a quick recap and tour through the photos we got at the event.

We went straight to the stage area when we got our tickets around 3pm.  A lolita fashion show awaits us.  Earlier that day there were also various J-fashion outfits on the runway. Even if we missed part of the show, we still got a closer look since girls in lolita outfits are still strolling around the venue.

What caught my attention though are these cute couples in their J-rock and mori outfits. Made me wish I can go to an event like this in costume with le boyfie :3 hehehe I’m single now so let’s move on and get over with the idea..

Going to Kawaii Manila had been fun not just for lolita fans, or couples but friends who are into cosplay.  Just outside the venue, we met this group and my sister arranged a mini photoshoot for them.  And who else would be behind the camera but me! But yes I plan to be in front of the camera more often.

There are also merchandise booths, polymer clay workshop, art exhibit and more!

The hightlight of the day for me was my bonding with my sister Aki. (She is the epitome of kawaii!)  I’m such a fan of her and should thank her for inviting me out to the event. Visit her blog   I’ll come with her in my lolita dress next year!


XOXO Jonah Chipeco


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