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Dekada Glorietta: Filipino Food Trip

Dekada in Glorietta 3 is a must visit place if you’d like to celebrate Filipino cuisine with your friends and family.  I was invited to dine at the restaurant for the first time last week and had a good experience.

First thing I noticed was the interior of the restaurant which seemed like a mini-museum.  There are various memorabilia which you can take a look while waiting for your meal to be served.

Now let’s go to what you were looking forward to see: Filipino food!  Dekada, is the Filipino translation of decade – and presents traditional Pinoy dishes at its best.

Most of us in the group ordered refreshing dalandan and watermelon juice (named Cardinal Sin on the menu) while waiting for food to be served.  Soon after, a surprising platter of Filipino favorite dishes was served before us by friendly Dekada waiters. By the way, I noticed their name tags has nationalistic Filipino names on it, too (i.e. Ibarra, Makisig) .

Refreshing fruit juices served in jars!
Refreshing fruit juices served in jars!
Magtagumpay platter: all your favorite dishes for sharing!
Magtagumpay platter has all your favorite dishes for sharing!

Dekada’s Magtagumpay platter serves all time Filipino favorites: kare-kare, talong at bagoong with kangkong, hipon, krispy pata, lechon manok, daing na bangus at sinangag.  The platter is good for 6-8 persons and priced Php2,199 on the menu.

P.S. “Magtagumpay” is one of the passwords used by the Magdalo revolutionaries during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines.  It was a secret word then, but this platter deserves to be out in the open. Try it! At pwedeng magkamay!

Last served by Dekada, but not missed out by sweet-lovers like me – DESSERTS!  Pichi pichi and halo halo everyone! XD

 Mabuhay ang pagkaing Pinoy!  (Long live Filipino Food)


Nomnom Club

Thank you Dekada Glorietta, and my new friends from for sharing this food adventure with me.  More to come! – Jonah Chipeco


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