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Coca-Cola’s STAR Empowers Women in Manila

Coca-Cola Philippines is up for heartwarming surprises every holiday season.   From last year’s volunteerism campaign aiding Typhoon Yolanda survivors in partnership with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, Coca-Cola  chooses to give back to the community once more.

The STAR in store for us this year is something that brings the same sparkle of hope to many.

Coca-Cola’s STAR stands for Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources. This is a program which aims to empower Filipina micro-entrepreneurs.  They will be provided with access to business skills training courses, financial services and connections with peers or mentors who will help grow their businesses. Coca-Cola’s goal is to reach 5Million Filipino women for this initiative by 2020. This target was also named and promoted by the company as 5by20.

I look forward to how Coca-cola will give back to their customers through the STAR project. In my local community alone, there are many women entrepreneurs who could benefit from this.

I’ve been working full time for NGOs for 5 years now and has seen how corporate social responsibility initiatives of global brands like Coca-Cola succeed. My holiday wish is that this effort would gather the same support from various stakeholders and become sustainable.

To my blog readers, please be on the look out and support campaigns that help your local communities. Get involved, and your experience will surely give you a deeper appreciation of life and people around you.

Happy Holidays!!
Jonah XOXO


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